The little Orchid that could…save the Amazon

Vanilla v.odorata, a beautiful endemic vanilla orchid from Ecuador’s upper Amazon, shows substantial promise to bring much needed prosperity to the native communities of the Amazon region as well as generate resources to help maintain and preserve their natural world, the planet’s  greatest rainforest.

Women empowered to save the Amazon

Chakramama is a community of native Kichwa women working together to harvest endemic vanilla orchids and repopulate the endangered Melipona bee population.

Our program will focus on educating these women on the cultivation of the vanilla orchids and training them on the colonization of our beekeeping program. This will empower the women with new skill sets and a source of sustainable income.

These financial projects are also a means to keep the Amazon vital and productive.’s Amazon Alliance is a unique coalition of Kichwa indigenous organic farming associations representing more than 1,200 families in Ecuador’s Amazon…

Together we cultivate organically certified high-value crops in traditional Amazonian ‘Chakra’ agroforestry systems.

Our work is rooted in the ancient cultures and traditions that exhibited a more harmonious existence between humans and our planet while our stakeholder-centered governance ensures that a higher and more diversified income ends up in the pockets of our local producers.

While we export healthy products to enhance consumer’s lifestyles, we also educate our producers and their families to promote a more healthy lifestyle in their villages.

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